A Good Ending

Brendon Small, a shy child, is always in awe of home movies. He even makes movies with the family’s old video camera in mind. But on the other side of the story, he has to deal with his parents, his father who is not very supportive and his mother who is very domineering. He also has a group of friends who try to act out his wildest fantasies to the world through their own little video.

home movies

Meanwhile, at home, Brendon’s father is getting increasingly impatient with him and the way his son is handling his home movies, which are more like a nightmare than a dream, with the help of his home video camera. His father decides that this is the way to go, to make his son realize the importance of keeping his video under control and of his relationships with others in the family.

But when Brendon realizes that his father’s idea to put a stop to the home movies is not going to work, he decides that he is going to have to change his attitude towards life. His father is not happy with his decision and tells him to just let it all happen, which he does for a while until he grows tired. Now the film ends with Brendon sitting alone in a house and watching the tape one day in silence. There is no sign of any home movie camera anywhere in sight, but it is assumed that he has already gone into his subconscious and erased the tape with his subconscious power.

However, there is something still haunting Brendon’s mind, that maybe he should not erase the tape. This prompts him to go to his father’s house, where he finds a note that his father gave him. The note is short and to the point and tells him to get to the library, which is where he will find the answers to all of his questions. It then directs him to his father’s room, where his father is watching the tape.

Brendon goes to the library, where the library staff informs him that his father is too busy to answer his questions; however, they can tell him everything that he wants to know by simply looking up the internet and looking through the website of his father’s employer.

After checking his father’s website, Brendon gets to know what happened in the film that the library found, his father is very unhappy and does not want his home movie to be seen by anyone else, so he orders his home movie erased. However, Brendon discovers that his father had a reason behind his action. His father was actually trying to erase his home movie because he was ashamed of the way that his father made his home movie, and how it ended. After telling his father that his home movie was deleted by the library, his father then reveals that he did it because he was not comfortable with the way he made his home movie and that he would no longer be able to hide the film from anyone else.

With his father’s permission, Brendon now has the opportunity to erase his home movie and has a few seconds of his home movie to himself before the story ends. It was his parents’ idea to use the film for his father’s own personal use, because they felt it was too embarrassing. This gives him the ability to get a closer look at himself in the past, where he learns of his true identity, what he really was like in his past life. And he also learns that he did not want to erase the home movie because he had made a great home movie.

It was an ending that I thought was not very exciting, but it was still a good one and it still remains one of my favorite home movies ever. The movie was about home movies, and it ended with a bang. There are many things to like about the ending of this movie, but the story itself is not one of those things. It is more about how the story was told than it is about the ending.