Vidmate Old Version Vs New Version

Are you still using Vidmate old version? What is holding you not to update your Vidmate from the old version to the new release? Every now and then Vidmate rolls out a new update to replace the old version for so many reasons.

Hey guy, we are going to enlighten you on why you should upgrade from old Vidmate version to new version always whenever there is an update popping up from the app notification tray or when you launch the video downloader app for iOS and Android.

If you are still using the Vidmate 2017 without bothering to update to Vidmate 2018 you ain’t doing yourself and your privacy any good. Apart from the fact that, every mew Vidmate release brings new features, it also helps to fix loopholes that can create chances for hackers to have access to your phone without your knowledge.

Vidmate old version

Why You Shouldn’t Use Vidmate Old Version

Every now and then, the world of technology revolves and evolution takes place. More hacking tricks and tips are shared every day. Last week I lost my brand blog to a hacker redirecting my traffic using a JavaScript due to a loophole created by the theme I was using. Before I released it, I have lost a lot. Not only have I lost a certain amount, but my trusted visitors were also shocked when the top posts were redirecting to a random website until I was able to fix it.

The same way the hacker was able to find a loophole in the theme I was using they can find a loophole when you kee old version of an app on your device. Thanks to God I was able to identify the JavaScript external file where the entire code was written, so, I have to put of my site while I find a solution to the problem.

My carelessness cost me a whole week of hardworking editing the entire post in the website after I have clean the head.php file, index.php file, .htaccess, and the WP-include folder. Funny enough, restoring the website backup wasn’t able to take care of the malicious code. The hacker was smart for doing that.

This was all caused because I couldn’t update the theme to the new release in time. It was all my fault and I couldn’t blame the developer any further. So, if you are still running the older version of Vidmate APK other than the latest release you stand the chance to give hackers a headway to access your phone and steal your information.

Vidmate old version could be as old as the previous APK release of the app. It could be Vidmate 2017. It could even be the 2016 version. However, the moment you ain’t running the latest release of the videos downloader you are running an older version.

How to Update Vidmate to a New Version

It’s very easy to update Vidmate old version to a newer version. The first place to note the update is when you launch the Vidmate app the downloader will pop-up a notification to upgrade to the latest version. To update, click on the update icon and wait for a moment to complete the upgrade and you are done.

All the new available features will be available for you to use. Another way to upgrade from old Vidmate to a new Vidmate is to remove the old version and download the latest version and then install it.

In addition, if that is too expensive to follow, launch the Vidmate app and click on “Me” option to the bottom right. Scroll down to update just below Share Vidmate and tap the update tab. If an update is available you will be prompt to download the latest update by click OK to replace the old version.

On no condition should you keep Vidmate old version and other old version apps on your phone if you are not a developer or a hacker.

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