Vidmate Downloading Error

The Vidmate downloading error is the error you encounter when you are trying to download movies or apps on Vidmate either on your phone or on your PC. This error will render your Vidmate app useless and it will not be useful to you.

However, a constant occurrence of this downloading error can crash Vidmate on your device and you might not be able to download YouTube videos, Facebook videos, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter etc. And you might not even to access the Vidmate moment.

If you have created the Vidmate moment on your device you will not able to access. However, if you want to keep enjoying Vidmate APK you have to fix the Vidmate downloading error message when you are trying to download videos or movies most especially from YouTube.

Suppose you are using the Vidmate software on your Windows or Mac computer and the Vidmate downloading error keep occurring while using the video downloader then you have to find a means to fix it.

In most cases when you are having challenges downloading with Vidmate, the end doesn’t justify the means. If you have tried a known method and it doesn’t work, you have to try other approaches. However, for Android and iOS users, it is very easy to fix Vidmate error while on PC (Windows & Mac), it requires a bit of complex approach.

Nevertheless, here, we’d provide a series of solutions to fix the Vidmate downloading error or unable to download videos or apps.

Vidmate Downloading

Fix Vidmate Downloading Error

At the beginning of the year 2018, the Vidmate APK stopped working completely on my Android 6.0. At first, I was confused and I don’t know what to do. After a couple of research, I found out that I was running Vidmate 2017 and I have not upgraded. To fix it, I remove Vidmate 2017 and download Vidmate 2018.

1. Update Vidmate App

This is the first step you want to take when you are running into error downloading on Vidmate. Most especially, if most time this error occurs it comes from when you are trying to download YouTube contents, then, you should know that you need to update to the latest version.

There are two ways to upgrade Vidmate APK. First, via the app settings or while you launch the app you will be asked to update to the latest version. If there is a pop up telling you to update Vidmate to the latest version to stop the downloading error message then you have to do this.

Whether you are using Vidmate on a PC or on your phone, just follow the on-screen to upgrade to the latest version and the error message will disappear.

2. Clear Vidmate App Caches

If after you have successfully updated Vidmate and the downloading error is still not clear or disappear then you need to clear the app caches. Clearing Vidmate app caches won’t hurt your personal settings rather it will only refresh the app and restore it to normal settings.

  • Go to phone settings
  • Tap on apps or applications manager
  • Tap on the more option and click on reset app preferences
  • Tap reset app preferences
  • Done

This simple approach solves most error problem on Android and iOS devices. However, the above steps to fix Vidmate downloading error clearing caches works on all devices. The only challenge is that the procedure to access the reset app preferences differs from phone to phone. So, know your phone and clear the app caches to solve the downloading error.

3. Uninstall Vidmate

This is probably the last step you want to try if none of the above steps work. Uninstall Vidmate and restart your device to remove all that has to do with Vidmate. After that, head to Vidmate APK for Android or Vidmate for PC to download for PC and to Vidmate iOS for an iOS device to download the latest version and re-install again.

These approaches are tested and confirmed to help fix the Vidmate downloading error. If you are still facing an additional issue downloading on Vidmate kindly state it in the comment section for a quick fix.

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