Vidmate 2017 All Version Download

Vidmate 2017 Download

Vidmate 2017 version is the most stable Vidmate version. It’s an old version though. Yet you cannot compare the 2017 version to 2014, 2015, and 2016 version. However, the best stable Vidmate older version apart from the Vidmate 2017 is the Vidmate 2018 version with more amazing features.

We recently discussed why you shouldn’t bother to roll back to Vidmate old version. The center discussion in the article has to do with the security measure of your device and to make sure you are up-to-date without leaving a loophole for hackers to inject malicious cold into your device via using the old Vidmate app.

Meanwhile, if you are a geek and a bit tech-oriented who codes, using an older version of the Vidmate APK app, say the 2017 Vidmate may be subjected to personal interest. For that, and to make sure you enjoy the best of this “Vidmate Download” sources, not official website though, we’d take you by hand to download Vidmate 2017 version and how to install the APK app on your Android device to bypass the error message saying “This app may contain some unsafe contents”.

For iOS users, you only need to add the Vidmate app as a trusted app on your device and confirm the alteration.

Vidmate 2017 Download

Should You Roll Back to Vidmate 2017?

Vidmate is a video download app with UI and easy to use guide. No special skill is required to start to use the popular YouTube video downloader. However, in the like of the Vidmate 2018 vs Vidmate 2018, I’d advise you shouldn’t roll back to the 2017 version.

Apart from the fact that the Vidmate 2017 APK is an older version the features are outdated compared to the Vidmate 2018 where you enjoy new features and have all UI under control.

Although, the Vidmate older version, 2017, is considered the most stable Vidmate release, however, and since the launch of the Vidmate 2018 and after series of updates from old version to the newer version, the Vidmate 2018 has taken the place of the Vidmate 2017 version.

Should you want to download Vidmate 2017 version, follow these procedures.

Enable Install from Unknown Sources

The first step to take when downloading apps and games you intend to install on your Android phone that is not directly from a known source such as the Google play store, you are to enable install from unknown sources else you will encounter the app you are trying to install might contain some unsafe contents.

1. Go to your phone settings whether by swiping down the notification tray and click on the settings gear icon or go to your phone menu and click on settings

2. Scroll down to the option that says “Security”

3. Find and enable install from unknown sources

4. Do not mind the warning message. Accept the popup and proceed to the step below.

Download Vidmate 2017

In 2017, Vidmate has over 7 different versions resulting from updating from the previous version to the recent version before the year runs out. However, here, we’d provide the direct link to download all the 2017 Vidmate version. Then, you will be able to choose your own choice from the download link.

Vidmate v3.21

Vidmate v3.22

Vidmate v3.23

Vidmate v3.24

Vidmate v3.26

Vidmate v3.27

Vidmate v3.28

Vidmate v3.29

Vidmate v3.31

Vidmate v3.32

These are the complete list of the 2017 Vidmate you can download. Please note that we still recommend you download the Vidmate 2018 new release. It’s a better version compare to 2017.

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